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Kunming Chunlei Children Foundation Volunteers Introduction

Kunming Chunlei Children Foundation is inseparable from public welfare carried out by everyone's support and participation, this Council calls on the community volunteered to participate in public welfare undertakings.

Voluntary participation of volunteers is related to an organization, in their own conditions permit, without seeking any material, money and return the relevant interests under the premise of rational use of existing community resources, volunteer time and energy dedicated individuals to carry out public , charitable activities, provide free services and help.

Volunteer conditions

1. Good health.
2. With good moral quality and enthusiastic participation in the dedication of public welfare.
3. Consciously abide by the laws, regulations and rules and regulations of the Foundation.
4. With volunteering skills and time required.


1. To fulfill commitments, subject to management, in accordance with the arrangements and provisions of the Foundation to participate in service activities.
2. Not as a volunteer or on behalf of the Foundation, to engage in any for profit activity or contrary to public morality.
3. Consciously safeguard the good reputation of the Foundation and the legitimate rights and interests.
4. Relevant laws and regulations and the other obligations under the rules and regulations.

Volunteers to join

1. The Foundation accepts volunteers year round to join the application.
2. After review of the Foundation and approved by relevant departments.
3. To become a volunteer of the Foundation to fulfill the corresponding responsibilities.

Volunteers quit

Based on voluntary service and service quality requirements of the practical needs of the object, the Party and serve under the unified arrangements of the feedback to continue to provide volunteer services without B, Party A should be at least 30 days in advance in writing to the Party, the agreement shall terminate performance.

Based on the principle of voluntary service voluntary, Party B can not continue for personal reasons to volunteer services, should be at least 30 days in advance in writing to the Party, to fulfill the agreement is terminated, Party B does not assume liability for breach; but Party B should be properly disposed of its When the time voluntary service, not so to the owner or the unnecessary loss of clients.

Any reason to stop volunteer service, volunteers should submit a written application; Foundation should be made in writing.

Volunteer service areas

1. Engage in the relevant working bodies of the Foundation volunteer.
2. The working bodies of the Foundation agreed to engage in charity, fundraising materials, project planning and organization, and related volunteer services.
3. In-depth understanding of the situation to provide recipients object; with the object node on the service recipients.
4. In all project implementing agencies in the voluntary public service, according to undertake specific tasks of work required.

Protection and incentives

1. Foundation for the employing agency mandated to work for the volunteers to provide the necessary job security, including: volunteer certificate and badge; subsidies during the necessary funding.
2. Incentives. An outstanding volunteer each year selected individuals, groups, and certification; recommend to the relevant departments to participate in Pingyoupingxian activities.

Other matters

Volunteers while in service to the clients of the Foundation, or damage, which triggered the criminal, civil and administrative responsibility, borne by the volunteer himself.

Council approved the system since the date of implementation.

Right to amend this system, the power of interpretation belongs to the Council.

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Please fill out the online application information, download the volunteer registration form, complete it sent to erjihui@163.com, we will contact you as soon as possible.
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