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Kunming Chunlei Children Foundation next three members (enlarged) meeting and the notice in 2011 for the first time the ceremony

Notice of meeting (on behalf of the invitation)

In accordance with the articles of association, in order to report to the Council and the donor work and listen to their views in 2010, the chairman of the meeting, decided to hold a "third term Kunming Spring Buds Children's Foundation Director (enlarged) meeting and the first donation in 2011 Ceremony. "Notice of the matter as follows:

First, the conference content:

1, consider the 2010 work report and financial report;

2, Additional Deputy Chairman;

3, the donation ceremony (Yunnan Province, Fujian Chamber of Commerce executive vice president of Lvpei Jing and other enterprises, units and individual contributions, which Vice President to be donated 100 Lvpei Jing million);

4, representatives of donor institutions and recipient children speak;

5, the opening ceremony of child Foundation website;

6, city leaders speech;

7, expressed appreciation to the donor (in the form of souvenirs.)

Second, the meeting time:

2011-2-22 (Tuesday) 9:30 Registration, 10 am meeting on time, after lunch adjournment.

Third, the meeting place:

Clouds are clouds Anhui Tang Security Council Chamber on the second floor of 七号.

Fourth, participants:

1, invited the City, Municipal People's Congress, the municipal government, municipal CPPCC, Provincial Women's Federation in charge, contact the leadership and guidance of its Director Mr honorary chairman of the Council;

2, invited its Director Mr leadership guidance relevant departments and units;

3, some since the establishment of the Foundation invited donors to listen to the work report of its Director Mr and comments;

4, the Council Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary General, directors, supervisors and staff;

5, its Director Mr invited news organizations reported.

V. Note:

1, please donate units invited to the leadership and support, taking the time to attend. Leaders of the unit is not in Queensland's donation, may send representatives to attend.

2, time and participants must be members of the council, to ensure compliance with the articles of association.

3, the meeting King for lunch, please participants to participate in, to avoid waste.

4, the Conference invited the news media coverage, please note that attire.

Notice is hereby

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