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German school children line help charitable act has

Delegates and Members:

In the municipal government under the loving care, Kunming "Spring Bud Children's Foundation"(hereinafter referred to as the "city of children Foundation") has set up a year. Year, has been Provincial Committee and Party Secretary Comrade Qiu and personal attention; has been deputy director of Municipal People's Congress Wang Junbin, Xia Jing, Liao Xiaoshan City Vice Mayor, City Vice Chairman of the Municipal Women's Federation President Lu Yuzhen, Deputy Municipal Political Consultative Conference Mr Wang YE Ju, Lin Yiping, and the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Women's Federation and other leaders of the strong guidance and support. Through social public offering, visit the company and accept love donations, fund-raising and business cooperation, placing donation boxes for special occasions, organizing various activities, etc., to December 31, 2010 only, to raise funds more than 200 million. From December 2009 the establishment of more than 500 million yuan to 730 yuan. Some other companies and units have been pledged have not been included. A total of 432 high school students relief of poverty (including 28 in the 178 Spring Bud living allowances), 55 students (including 20 poor students Luquan household); by donors will donate 250,000 yuan to build the East Chuan Song Ping Primary School And so on.

 Good academic performance in order to allow more girls from poor families continue to be non-compulsory learning opportunities, the city children will be faced with even greater base of funding difficulties. We sincerely expect to be the representative of the people, the CPPCC members to understand, understanding, help and support, so that the "Spring Bud"career in the party committee and government of the moisture under the sun and rain in the whole community of love and selfless assistance to those who thrive for the realization of relief School children, promote educational development and make due contributions.



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