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On the "Chunlei rescue plan tour of goods with high quality," the overall situation of fund-raising campaign reporting

Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Work Committee under the seventh century on the "Spring Bud rescue plan tour of goods with high quality," the notice requirements of fund-raising activities of inspection, will now tour the city of Spring Bud Children's Foundation fund-raising activities of the overall report is as follows:

In the municipal government and Wuhua District Committee, District Government and relevant departments attach great importance and concern and support, I will organize the "Spring Bud rescue plan Kunming tour of goods with high quality," fund-raising campaign 10 November 2010 At a successful conclusion. The tour proceeds of goods, net of costs and reasonable fees and corporate profits, all as money was referred to the Kunming Spring Buds Children's Foundation. A total of 662,957.10 yuan donation to the charity. Fund-raising activities of all donations will be used to help children out of school entirely.

October 12 Nanping pedestrian street in the morning fundraiser Square launch ceremony, Deputy Director of Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, Honorary Chairman of the base summer children quiet, city vice mayor, children will be honorary chairman of the Liao Xiaoshan base, Deputy City Mayor, Director of Working Committee, honorary chairman of the IMF children Ruanfeng Bin, Vice Chairman Chang Min City, the city party secretary of the Women's Federation, Vice Chairman Guo Yue Hung, Wuhua Standing Committee rustling, child Foundation Chairman, Vice Chairman of the former City CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee and other leaders to take the lead inspector Zhang Zhongning contributions, while organizing on-site fund-raising activities, exhibitors, commercial, municipal Women's Federation cadres, children, members of the Council and the audience will be actively involved in donations.

Activities throughout the tour of goods with high quality, strictly in accordance with the program of activities, sanitation, fire protection, urban management, law and order requirements and the relevant government departments, venue management side of the relevant provisions of the operation, during the event, so that a standardized, unified, no dirty, Disorder and poor, dangerous phenomenon.

The event is a public service and commercial activities of combining fund-raising, is that I will raise money through the market a new attempt new initiatives. I will fully draw on the future success of the event experience for school children help raise more money for charity.

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