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To release the first batch of grants in 2010 press releases

Kunming Chunlei Children Foundation since December 18, 2009 inception, the municipal government and relevant departments took an interest in, the closely around the hatred and the secretary of the "care, concern, care, attention to women development, adult, talent, Shing Yip "the spirit of the important instructions. Shall accept the community through the donation of funds to help poor areas of high academic achievers girls return to school to complete their studies.

According to the 2010 Fund rescue package for poor students through the application → school, county (city) District Women's Federation, caring people, volunteers, etc. Recommended → county (city) District Women's Federation Council for approval based audit → children the steps, this year in June Since the completion of Kunming in 24 city-level and secondary level, recommended the 251 poor academic achievers and 35 high school students to be poor college students. After August 30, 2010 Foundation chairman session, the children will apply for grants based Liping, etc., etc. 251 35 high school students and Lijun Yan obtain university students from poor families will help meet the basic conditions for children, agreed to their grants .

September 6, 2010, Kunming, the Spring Bud Children's Foundation, the first entrance to the excellent results achieved this year, is about to enter higher education institutions to release the first batch of seven students scholarships to 3,000 yuan per person, this early report of 7 Students were admitted to the Jiangxi Agricultural University, Hainan University, Shandong Normal University, Chinese University, Jinan University, South China University. Other publicly-funded students, we will take a variety of ways and timely implementation of the financing for my money. September 16th, we officially hold a "first aid Kunming Golden Spring Bud Children's Foundation grant ceremony, 24 in Kunming city and municipal level in secondary schools completed the recommended high school students and 251 poverty in Yunnan Province Students attending colleges and universities on behalf of high academic assistance payments. May our love with these children successfully complete their education, healthy growth.

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