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About Us

According to the municipal government office issued a "do a better job on the" Spring Bud Program "implementation view" of the spirit, to better promote the city's urban and rural girls drop out of school failure, poor children continue school work, in December 2009 Kunming Spring Buds 18 Children's Foundation was established. Bud Children's Foundation is the "Spring Bud Program" form of the concrete implementation, it is intended to help school children in poor areas to return to school failure, are willing to accept non-compulsory education of children continue their studies.

Registration authority of the Foundation is the Yunnan Civil Affairs Department, through the coordination of the competent business unit is the Yunnan Women's Federation, the type is a public foundation. Foundation up the original fund 400 million, "Spring Bud Kunming Children's Foundation Charter" is the foundation for future work based on the core file.

Ray of love, girls next; a handful of springs, spring buds bloom. Perhaps, with your loving care, which they will be able to cross the road right into every lie the mountains of life; Perhaps you gently pull up their weak hands that they can be destined wading river; perhaps, With your true feelings to pay, will hurry to open it Hanbaoyufang Spring Bud. You pay for poor girls in every ray of truth, your dedication to every mind, we will carefully registered in the "love books" on. Let him unlock the shackles of poverty, girls, let us look through the school gates for the girls eagerly to send a better future!

According to social fund-raising foundation funds earmarked for the implementation of the Foundation of funds management, through the creation of the "Spring Bud Class" Spring Bud School donated, "twinning" funding, "one on one" assistance and recommended by other people or individual initiative apply for aid and other relief ways to achieve growth of attention to women, adults, become, into a business purpose.

First, the purpose of

Kunming, the Spring Bud Children's Foundation through the establishment, arousing the spirit of public welfare, enhance people's social awareness and moral responsibility of public charity, to arouse the whole society of children of poor families dropped out of the strong loss of concern and support for the dedication of a poor school children were sincere love.

Second, the theme

Concerned about the future, helping school children

Bud Children's Foundation is the "Spring Bud Program" form of the concrete implementation, it is intended to help girls return to school in poor areas. Foundation through the donation of funds according to the community to help a good student drop-out girls out of school because of family difficulties, it can return to school to continue learning, education is a far-reaching, power was immeasurable good thing.

We strive and hope, through the Foundation's assistance, in helping girls out of school to complete their studies at the same time, promote girls have equal right to education, to enhance community awareness of the status of female children, lay a solid foundation for the realization of gender equality.

We strive and hope, through the Foundation's work to expand advocacy efforts, and create the atmosphere of the whole social care girls, vigorously carry forward the fine tradition of helping the poor Chinese people to strive for more caring people and organizations to join, so that "the donor of a girl , put up a shade, the dedication of a love "has become the modern social practice and conscious action, expand the" Spring Bud Program "the impact of public service activities.

Relief object: specifically eligible for funding for relief and who can not focus on the "Chunlei class" school girl.

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