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Yueyi Ting - case study report

Time flies. Instant, the last semester freshman year is over. In this semester, because each time the university in the province, so the university learning and living deep feelings.

Learning of this term is more good. Entering the campus, find that their English proficiency and Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and other places compared to a wide gap between the students, so I began to seriously study English every day for morning reading, so that their English proficiency with a certain degree of improvement. Midterm, the calculus of the subjects to play a disorder, not the ideal test results, so after midterms, I have to be more diligent attitude towards calculus, calculus makes the final results when a marked improvement.

Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city, live in this city, we must adapt to its fast pace. First arrived in Shanghai, not suited to fast-paced lifestyle and the hot weather, but I can not escape, so I'm trying to change their attitude to face life. Now I have adapted to life there can be a good fit in.

Shanghai is a city full of opportunities and challenges, I will try to explore the potential opportunities, and constantly challenge themselves and strive to realize their own value.

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