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Yang Huijie - learning report

Dear teachers: You are good! I come from the Yang Huijie Kunming Fumin County, now studying at Hainan University. Time really flies, blink of an eye, a semester later! College and high school is really very different. In high school, the teachers every day supervision of our study. Although sometimes complain, but also busy enjoying themselves, as a fulfilling, goal; in college, for four or five classes a day, sometimes feel a loss. The teacher was fast speed, coupled with almost no work, so most rely on self learning! In order to try to adapt to this "lazy"life, I often go to the library to read, "kill" time! We are majoring in "advanced mathematics","English","General Chemistry", of course, a "computer ", "Sports"," thinking repair, ""military doctrine"... one of a number of chemicals to be difficult, abstract concepts, knowledge points The addition; English to high school and is similar to listening to listening, learning lessons, that is, more time to practice speaking! High number of no disaster, and do more exercise will do it! Outside world is very exciting! The beautiful sea, a romantic beach ... ... but the outside world is also very helpless! Hainan may be the high level of consumption it! Our school bought more expensive stuff (as opposed to my high school run)! In order to reduce the family burden, in my laboratory "work-study" did not go to lab hours to pack to pack! My dorm mates were good, our relationship is very harmonious! Finally, I would like you to say they really mean: "Thank you"! I will study even harder, trying to do a qualified student, contribute to social progress as early as possible! I wish you were: good health! Happy New Year!

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