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Semester Summary - Xiangchuan

Dear Love Foundation, teachers:

From the first meeting after the light has passed a semester. In this short time, I feel life is very full, although busy, but with a lot of harvest. Clouds can be described as master of the university, so I have not the slightest slack. Now I am learning this semester for me to make a brief report on living conditions.

1, for adaptation to university life, and arrangements have been made in the dark some results. Into the school before the beginning of the learning methods and changes in the environment, there are indeed confused before, but after the exchange of teachers and students have already found a solution to the latter has been adapted, the learning process smoothly. However, due to unfamiliarity with the exam process, on the final results had an impact.

2, for extra-curricular activities, I also try to ensure the active participation of the premise of learning. I was the deputy team leader in the class post, the auxiliary monitor treatment classes affairs; liaison at the college participated in the Student Union and Youth Volunteers Association; as a hobby, also participated in the college debate team. After a semester of work, I will first select the next semester in a certain trade-offs.

3, the task for the next semester, and now I have a preliminary plan: In addition to the existing learning tasks, if the English had four, and had six for next semester; to participate in the school "Le Yan Cup " debate Competition; some also try to participate in academic competitions.

Finally, he thanked the teachers care and love Foundation funding, I will continue to strive for greater achievements.

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