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Wu Jiao - learning report

Foundation members Dear Bud:


A Youjing winding, tortuous course, finally leading to the university's gates last year. No pain, no gain, a point to help, a sub-smile. We and the school of your help, I have now successfully completed the freshman year on the half of the course. This is most thanks to Jubilee Foundation, is that you are my dream the first step.

Often said that people should cherish a grateful heart, for us, a special and not special group, the more should feel a grateful heart, as compared to students around, we are often considered to be special, may be You have no appearance made me special, and we like them to go to college, and also studied in the same classroom. So, I will often think, what should I do? I can do? Thought for a long time, I think as a medical student, professional knowledge must be the most important, just a good read to a good university five years later to become a useful person to society, to be a good doctor, is the real The return to the community, I also have the opportunity to return the people who helped me. So, I secretly resolved to have to learn in college, this is my only and most should do.

We and the school of your help, I successfully completed the freshman year on the semester. In this semester, I learned a lot, also found a lot of fun, but also more determined to finish my five years of the University of will. Go to college, first of all feel is the military training under the hot sun under the hot sun, we still stand straight, drops of sweat rolling down the brim of a hat, tanned face flushed, burning soles of the feet were straight on the floor too hot pain, a minutes later, five minutes passed, ten minutes later, watching the students passed out one by one, seems to have lost himself, but, I persevered, and such a day later, the period of half a month military training is over, military training, although tired, though hard, but we insisted to harvest, and honed, we would know the value, I believe the future will not be difficult to be easily defeated. Then we really started our college life. We have 30-35 classes per week. Compared to high school, I feel the greatest freedom is more than the University, we have more time and space to do the things you like. In college, my favorite place is the library, where there are many kinds of knowledge of the book, which I can learn in the classroom can not learn a lot of common things, a long time, I formed a habit Every day I go to the library on the timing of study hall, I think this is a university in the corner made me happy, a number of storage experience and achievements of our ancestors knowledge warehouse, a change from within their own areas. Soon after class, on campus students at all levels of the various societies and began a fiery new recruit, I joined the Department of Student Union and the Student Union to learn the English salon, active student organizations in their exercise capacity in all aspects, but also also increased my passion for English, of course, but also because the activities again and again, I met more friends. In this semester, we had a math midterm and final exam subjects. In addition, this semester I also reported that the CET examination, and in December took the exam results until early March to find, but I think it should be able to before. Well, this is my first year on the term roughly the learning, the following simple talk about my life now.

I'm still the same as before life is frugal, cost of living per month is about 300 to 400 yuan, basically able to meet daily living expenses. This semester, I applied for a grant to the school, the school also helps, I think everything in the campus basically have to go home, Mom and Dad just worried that in recent months, my father checked out of a cerebral infarction, mild stroke, with Dad old, days of cold, waist and feet are very painful, more convenient operation, and I am very worried and sad, in order for my school, my father has been This patient died dragging, live frugally. The one hand, the low level of mother culture, on the other hand to take care of Dad at home, has no job, family pension to rely on the few living father. I went to college, tuition is only turned over 10 times the original, plus accommodation, living expenses, etc., the more increased the economic burden of the family, in this regard, I think increasingly the pressure. Therefore, I very much hope that the Foundation can continue to give me the Spring Bud help and support, would like to apply for the second year of the Spring Bud Foundation funding to help me ease the burden a little house, a firm belief in my five years through college, I will will continue to work hard, study hard, will have to become a useful person to society, to be a good doctor.

Finally, all pre-Zhu Chunlei Foundation members Happy New Year!

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