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Chunlei briefing No. 11—Yu fengxian tong xing, Yu aixin yongzhu

December 2, 2010, Kunming chunlei children foundation director Zhang Zhongning, the Secretary-General Zhang Liying, Zhang Zhi, deputy Secretary-General and his party figure 4, in Yiliang County Council Chairman, county Women's Federation President, accompanied by more than 150 kilometers from Kunming, Yiliang Chushan secondary research. Xu Xiaozhang status and poor students in the school of their school learning, economic, life care, was introduced to help the situation. Zhang Zhongning chairman Lee personally with poor students, a lengthy exchange of talk, the students decided to lengthy Lee Foundation as a child object of long-term funding, funding shall come into force from December this year to support the standard of 1500 yuan / year.

Lee yo faculties Yiliang County School middle school students Jhushan Chushan, female, aged 17 years old, very young her parents divorced, the mother go into exile, his father suffering from severe mental illness disappeared, raised by the grandmother. Illness of her grandmother died at age 6, after the Uncle, aunt adoption. In 2008, Uncle, aunt unfortunately a car accident, died on the spot Uncle, aunt was seriously injured, resulting in paraplegia, inability to re-adopt her, for her children to the City Council wrote a letter to the base. Child-based students will receive a lengthy letter from Lee, leadership attaches great importance to the immediate contact with the Yiliang County Women's Federation, and through recognition of their contribution Federation, Chushan presidents to understand the student center of the case. County Women's Federation, 6 staff members and individuals out of the 2000 school Xuxiao Zhang yuan, had sympathy for Lee lengthy funding. This time, the chairman of the Foundation who personally led the children to school to see the Li long, brought her warm winter clothing, and encouraged her to study hard, and now the difficulties are temporary, there are many good people will Help her, we would help her finish school. Hope she thankful heart, the future academic success, and social returns. County Women's Federation and the teachers want to continue to do long period of communication with the work of Lee, the child grasp the dynamic, in the same time give them material assistance, psychological and education give her more help to achieve the purpose of helping the poor help Chi-win-win.

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