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Chunlei briefing No. 09—Help give a love child out of school

Bud is hope for the future, water is a social responsibility. Help a seedling, a spring Yun; to help a student, winning a piece of hope. October 12, 2010 morning, Kunming Federation, Kunming, the Spring Bud Children's Foundation sponsored the Road Kunming Ze Corporate Planning Consulting contractor, held the "Spring Bud rescue plan tour of goods with high quality," fund-raising campaign launched ceremony. Municipal Women's Federation, all the staff, children of all Foundation members, Queensland twenty-eight student representatives in the Bud, which represents about 260 tour business people attended the ceremony. Deputy director of Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, honorary chairman of the IMF children quiet summer, city vice mayor, children will be honorary chairman of the Liao Xiaoshan base, city vice mayor, director of Women and Children Working Committee, honorary chairman of Ruanfeng Bin children Foundation, City Vice Chairman Chang Min, Party Secretary City Women's Federation, Vice Chairman Guo Yue Hung, Wuhua Standing Committee rustling, child-based Society, and former City Vice Chairman of Municipal Political Consultative Conference inspectors Zhang Zhongning, Kunming Ze Tao, chairman of Corporate Planning Consulting Co., Ltd. Yi Maosheng, the base will be the vice chairman of the children attended the ceremony. Children Foundation executive vice president, Simon Blake-Wilson City Women's Federation, Vice-Chairman presided over the launching ceremony.

Zhang Zhongning child Foundation presented the fundraising campaign chairman is a public service and commercial activities of combining fund-raising, raising money through the operation of the market is a new attempt new initiatives. Mission and objectives are: fund-raising through commercial tour, raised for the relief of children out of school a certain amount of relief funds. Fund-raising activities include two aspects: First, the organizers of the direct fund-raising; the second is the indirect fund-raising organizer. Fund-raising activities of all donations will be used to help children out of school entirely. Chairman of the participating merchants also made a request: Organizers expect and earnestly implement the business district government leadership's instructions, to seriously implement the relevant provisions, credit management, law-abiding and civilized business.

Municipal Vice Mayor, Director of Women and Children Working Committee, honorary chairman of the IMF Ruanfeng Bin children in the ceremony. He emphasized, Kunming, the Spring Bud Children's Foundation "Spring Bud rescue plan tour of goods with high quality," the city's relief fund-raising campaign is the work of school children is a major event for our city, "Spring Bud Program" in-depth implementation of important significance. And that charity is a noble and sacred social welfare services. Want to party committees and government departments to continue to base the work of child care and support innovative funding channels for children Foundation for assistance to provide funding for more poor students. Look forward to more business sectors of the community and love people, to further carry forward the Chinese nation, dedicated, helpful and the traditional virtues, to assume more social responsibility for more poor students to complete their studies offer a loving, send a truth, do our duty, to promote economic and social leap-forward development of the city to make new contributions! Hope that publicity departments and the news media at all levels to promote flexible and diverse way, and guide the whole society to establish a charitable awareness, social responsibility, which all care about, and everyone involved in public welfare undertakings of a good situation. Urban children also requires a high degree of political foundation of responsibility, adhere to the "timely" and "open, fair, just and transparent," the principle of strict procedures and standards, strengthen assistance for poor students.

Vice Mayor of Kunming, children will be honorary chairman of the Liao Xiaoshan base announced the event started, Kunming Women's party secretary, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of Guo Yue Xiao Xiao Wuhua red and fund-raising activities for the inauguration. Along with "Grateful Heart" This is the first sentiment of life, embrace hope, to meet the bright songs on the podium for the fund-raising activities, leadership and contributions to participate in the activities of enterprises, business representatives, foundation directors, municipal women's federation of all cadres and workers as the main active participation in community caring people, followed by rescue their children out of school has displayed a love. Inspected after the launch of the tour activities.

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