What does Emo mean

what does emo meanwhat is emo

So what does Emo mean?

First of all there are two meanings of the term Emo explained on this page, the first is the generally excepted meaning and the second which can be found further down the page is my own personal explaination and understanding of the word. But lets start with the definition of Emo as its recognised within society.

The term Emo is disputed as having two origins, the first is that it is short for emotional as many of the people who follow the culture tend to be overly sensetive. The second is that it is a type of music that started in the 80's as a sub genre of punk music which has grown to be more popular then punk itself.

However the Emo term came to be it has developed into a full blown culture with its own fashion sense and lifestyle. New Emo bands are coming out everyday and the culture has spread rapidly in recent years to many different countries, mainly around europe and the US.

Generally Emo people as a stereotype tend to be generally more sensetive and shy than most other people, and theres a popular misconseption that they are all depressed and suicidal as a result but this is not the case.

My definition

OK, to me Emo is just another culture which comes with its own fashion sense, music, stereotypes and lifestyle. Something i often see glorified within the Emo culture is the expression of personal negativity in various art forms, such as music, poems and drawings which are often depressing.

However i do completely understand the attraction of such negative emotions. the darker different side of life is appealing on its own but the expression of negative emotions and especially not being affraid to portray those emotions in such elaborate forms, seems quite respectable if there done for the right reasons.

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