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Short Emo Hair Styles

The best single piece of advice to give when choosing the right short Emo hair style is to just be creative. The point of this page is to help you get some ideas to create a style thats "You".

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Short Emo hair styles are much more common amoungst guys, so coming up with new ideas for girls can be tricky. As for guys, im just gonna go over some of the basic ideas you can use to create your own style.


One of the most common features for guys is the use of spikes, normally around the back of the head. Easy to do and in more detail on the other page which you can find Here. But basically the hair should be shampooed, and the sculpting gel applied when the hair is almost dry, then blow dry and touch up after with more gel if you need to. If you have a good spiked style send us a picture using the form at the bottom and you'll be put on the site, click Here yo!

Shaggy look

The shaggy look works great on parts of the hair to get a good effect when mixed with other features. Pretty simple but works best on hair 3 inch's or longer. Same method as the spikes but instead of spiking the hair after after the gel, run it through your fingers and rough it up a bit, then use your finger tips to pinch and pull bits until its given the shaggy effects your looking for. Fell free to use hair spray when its in the position you want.


Fringes if your in the UK. On guys there normally straightened and swept across the forehead to one side, depending on how the rest of your hair is. Spiking the fringe is good if you've gone for spikes with the rest, but the best advice is to just be creative. Finding one style that suits everyone isnt realistic, so just experiment with different techniques and looks until you find one that "You". Check out some of the pictures below for some ideas.
short emo hair guysguys short emo haircut

boys short emo hairmens short emo haircut


chicks short emo haircut
Finding short Emo Hair ideas for girls is often more difficult as the majority of women tend to have at least shoulder length hair, so less styles are normally available. This gives a good oppertunity to become inventive and create something unique. Take ideas from the pictures below and mix them together to see if you can make something of your own. If you've done that already send a picture in by using the form you can find Here.

Most of the styles for girls are done by using the same method as the guys do but just used to create different looks. One thing to try here is the use of colour, the most common colour for short hair by far is black, so get inventive and try out some crazy colours till you find something that works for you.

A list of general things to keep in mind when deciding on a new style is as follows.

  • The use of asymmetrical layers preferably with side bangs and highlights always stands out.
  • If you are going to straighten any part of your hair, make sure thats is super straight. If you don't have straight hair naturally, try using straightening irons and gels along with a hair protectiopn spray.
  • No emo hairstyle can be complete without bold highlights. Try chooseing really noticable colors like red, pink, purple and blue.

short emo hair girlgirls short emo haircut

girls short emo hairwomens short emo haircut

womens short emo hairchicks short emo haircut

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