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Welcome to Dark styles Scene hair section, providing how to's and info on how to get that perfect hairstyle. But before we start what exactly is a scene hairstyle? what defines it into this style type?

scene hairsscene emo hair

Well right now, the trend consists of:


scene hair

The general look for girls hair is very, very choppy, usually dyed black with a couple of thick random blonde chunks. It's normally perfectly straight all the time, with bangs that cover usually one or sometime both eyes.

Big amounts of volume, with lots of product use, things such as special shampoos, hair wax, mousses, and sprays. Cute little plastic hair clips are often used, as well as bows, headbands with polka-dots and other cute little accessories which usually don't serve any purpose besides being cute.


scene hairstyles

For boys, this style of hair is normally short on the back, around 2 to 3 inches long and about chin-length on the front. The most common colour for boys is dyed black with perhaps a chunk of blonde or red, and again with the bangs hanging in front of the eyes.

The back is often spiked up, while the bangs are perfectly straight. Faux-hawks are also considered scene for both boys and girls alike. As for accessories, bandanna's can be worn around the head as well, but this is just the guy version of clips and doesn't serve any purpose besides the certain "look" it creates.

So what about colour?

Nice of you to ask, for genuine scene styles with true scene highlights that have the in your face edge and really stand out but stays modern and extremely fashionable, you should try out new hair colors such as purple or pink.

On hairstyles, you should go for scene style colored highlights, maybe, multi-colored or maybe with black or blonde highlights or tips and with streaks of electric blue or copper or light red. Despite all the modern color trends, blonde with black underneath is supposed to be the most common scene colour. Blonde with streaks of blue or pink and fringes covering half of your face is another commonly liked haircut.

Looking for how to's on hair styles? Well stand by because there will be plenty coming soon, but after all this site's not very old so give me a break already!

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scene hair girls

What You Gotta Do Is Tease EVERY BIT OF IT. Then Keep The Back Up And Put The Front Down. Like the pic above. It Looks REALLY Cute On Short Hair (: Also You Should Put Lots Of Bright Colours. With Blonde Hair (:

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what color???  
I really want to dyemy hair but I need suggestions on what color will look best on mehi

Cute short white scene hair 
Toned down so you tell she's not trying too hard. White hair used from toner. I don't personally know her but I love her and her facebook is Hannah Chamblee. …

me and my emo self 
My hair was complicated to grow it used to be brown untill i dyed it black, this style of hair on a guy freaks regular girls out but it is a different …

Scene girl Chandler Knightt 
This is an alternative girl i have seen all over the internet

scene/emo/punk = pemo kidz :P well blck with blonde streaks througout. just from dry hair blob on a handful of conditioner (leave on)apply messy with …

Scene Advice! 
Hey , I'm going to tell you about some advice on being scene. Scene hair: Scene hair is for all shapes and sizes But, Usually looks better with …

make up 
i like brite colored eye shadows and when u make eyeliner go out from the eye

Pics of ME 
:) jst some pics of me and my new haircut

Short hair side bangs  
Short hair with blonde on top with blue under

ima an angel <3 Not rated yet
alone *_^

i wanna dye my hair any suggestions Not rated yet
I can't decide wat Color to dye it, I was thinking red but I'm not sure any suggestions? so yea this is me c:

AWESOME! Not rated yet
A Tip For Coloring Scene Hair: If your not as lucky as some girls and have dark hair (like me) you will need to work harder to get the cool colors in your …

Ideas, Tips and how I have my own hair :3 Not rated yet
Another thing that works quite well is to tease just one side of your hair. This works well with both long and short hair and can be improved by using …

scene queen candy roulette Not rated yet
so im newish to the whole scene style but this is what i look like i dont really know where i fit in cause yea i have the big hair and piercing and bright …

Red Scene <3 Not rated yet
I have really short hair so i wear allot of hair extensions like quite allot of scene teens. I always layer my brightly colored extensions and put extra …

Me Not rated yet
See I was born with a skin condition and so far my hair's only ever been purple but it was a dark but bright at the same time purple,also i can only have …

napy hair ?!?!  Not rated yet
okay first off dont teaseur hair to big and make it look napy do it big but do it nice

Its Just Me Not rated yet
You Need To Tease All Of The Top Layers And Straighten The Bottom:3 Hairspray Is A Necessary:) I've Found That The Bigger The Gaps There Are In The Teeth …

blonde and purple scene hair Not rated yet
simple scene hair that takes 5 minutes slightly tease hair and curl with straightners and all done.

Tease,Tease,Tease! Not rated yet
Part your hair and clip the very top layer of your hair and tease the next few layers.Let the top layer down and make it cover all of hte teased part of …

Boy Scene hair color and length Not rated yet
A boy's scene hair is shorter in the back than in the front. In the back it can be about 5 inches (MAX)and in the front it can be 7-11 1/2 inches. The …

girls Not rated yet
What You Gotta Do Is Tease EVERY BIT OF IT. Then Keep The Back Up And Put The Front Down. Like the pic above. It Looks REALLY Cute On Short Hair (: Also …

cOLOrful Not rated yet
Just having some creativity with hair.

??? What colour Not rated yet
i have strawberry blonde hair i have green but mostly brown eyes what color should i die my hair?

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how to's on hair Not rated yet
Coontails are really popular. That is when you have black hair and blonde streaks with black stripes on the blonde part, but they dont have to be those …

Choose Your Color Not rated yet
Usually ridiculous about of layers at the top, then really thin bottom with long layers. parted to the side, and add a goofy face ;D

Scene Hair Queen! Not rated yet
OK well there is one girl that will tell you everything you need to know to have scene hair. This Girl Is Amber Beale AKA Ambreehh is dead. she has …

no-no!! Not rated yet
ive bleached my hair 7 times... not a good idea!!!! i shouldn't have hair left on my head!!!! so make sure you keep track of how many times you beach your …

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