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Scene girls, you know the one's, there similar looking to Emo's but is there really a difference? Of course if you ask anybody who calls themselves a scene kid what the difference is you'll get many different answers, But in reality are they so different from the Emo culture?

scene girls

Well yes and no. Most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between someone from the scene culture and there Emo counterpart, but if your one of these scene people yourself you'd probably be kind of offended by that.

But as I'm sure you'd tell me there is quite a difference, the dress sense if obviously different and the subtle differences observed from the outside perspective become more than noticeable if you know what your looking for.

scene girls 2

Typical Scene girls features

scene girl

  • hair colours

    Often dyed black, bleach blonde, red, or funky rainbow colours.

  • Hair style

    Hair often cut short and choppy, Or long hair with really short layers on top. Also learn how to style your hair. The bigger the better. Make it stand up in the back and the use of cute little clips in your hair never goes a miss.

  • Clothing

    Although brands vary massively and come and go, the aim is to generally wear layers of clothing. It doesn't matter if it doesn't match, just make sure its colourful.

  • shoes

    Again there's many brands used here, but common ones include converse, vans and flats.

  • Make up

    Make sure to wear lots of eye shadow, really bright colors. The eyes are always a main feature for the scene chick.

  • scene kid

    Although the scene culture was born from the Emo culture, it has now defined itself as an independent, constantly growing new trend and one of the most defining features can not be seen in the flashy clothing or big hair, but more from within the person and how their personality blends with their style.

    For example, Emos are often known to be sensitive and shy. This differs from the scene girls who are often into the music but expresses an outgoing personality and generally stays clear of the depressed, heavily emotional stereotype.

    The music however is generally not so different, many scene kids still listen to what's classed as emo music, with its typically very emotional style, but why does it sound the way it does and what's so appealing about this to the scene culture?

    Well the music is often made by people who are going through, or writing about a turbulent time. As a teenager ones identity is slowly forming and is shaped by severe emotional experiences. These experiences are often part of the emo music and can be heard loud and clearly within the genre.

    scene culture

    Teenagers have always been known to vent their emotions and relate to subcultures that express how they feel and the emo and scene movement's are no different. The emo music is often used to express the feelings that the scene girls feel inside.

    The difference between the emotional dark inner thoughts of the emo kid and the outgoing scene kids are quite marked in the look. The scene kids are often more colourful and wear brighter clothes, this often can go down as a criticism as they are seen purely as trying to look cool. However, the devotion to the music is still there and emotions are expressed in a different way to the emo kids.

    scene emo girls

    So there you have it, that's the difference in a nut shell. Of course everyone who class's themselves as a scene kid will have there own definition about the culture they claim to belong to and may not agree with how I've described the difference to its counter part. If that's the case we'd LOVE to hear from you, whether you just want to put the record straight or let us know in your words what it means to you, the contact form below is the place to vent any emotions. So come on then, let me have it....

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