My story of how i got my help...

by Brittany Barbara
(shreveport louisiana)

Im 14. my name is Brittany. To be honest, im nothing. i cause my father trouble and he gets angry alot because of my brother, but ive becaome happy now thanks to my best friend Jordan, Shes helped me stop cutting, but the scars on my arms remind of my the bad memories. something that i want to forget but the perment mark keeps it there. I have nightmares about the blood running down my arm all the time, i want to come out of the dark and see what will happen in the light. Im almost there i know it. i wont let anyone stand in my way of saving my self from eternal damnation. i have my friends. my music and my brother. They will help me from drowning in the black. I have been hurt, in worse ways then you can imagine. I also want to helo people that have had my troubles and have suffered my disorder. I was diagnosed with MDD when i was 13. Also known as Major Depressate Disorder. Im reaching my light one step at a time. and i want to helo others do the same. If anyone wants to talk, look me up on facebook. Brittany Barbara. Let me help you out of the dark. And youll be helping me too....

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Aug 17, 2012
TO brittany
by: Anonymous

HEllo brittany how old are you now?

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