Gothic eye makeup tips

The aim of these Gothic eye makeup tips is to help you to come up with your own unique style. Theres no need to go for the classic "just black" look. Gothic eye makeup is as varied and creative as ever and theres so many amazing looks out there, but the trick is to find one that suits you.

gothic eye makeup tipsgothic eye makeup

Gothic makeup is heavily focused on the eyes. They are the most powerful part of the Gothic look. With dramatic eyeliner and creative shades of color, the eyes will be what makes or breaks your look.

This whole culture is generally focused on darker colours as they work well for this style, but thats no reason to not be inventive. Some good base colours to try appart from black include:

  • Emerald
  • Silver
  • Dark red
  • Royal blue
  • White
  • Smokey or metallic grays
  • Plum
  • Regency purple

These Gothic eye makeup tips are aimed at the classic goth look, if your looking for something a bit more colourful, why not check out the Cyber goth section.

Gothic eye accessories

Whatever makeup style you choose for your eyes, one of the best things about this culture is its so easy to accessorise with it. Try adding some glitter at the edges of the eyes, this works especially well with dark metallic colours. Or maybe false eyelash's and of course, colored contact lense's, a colored lense can make a whole new look and are quite affordable.

Glamour stripes

glamour stripesThis style gives an excellent oppertunity to get creative by contrasting colors. You could always choose a pattern that goes from light to dark. Whatever you choose this is one style that really stands out if you pick the right colors.

Begin at the inner corner of your eye with the lightest color. Make a stripe from the inner corner of your eye to the inner tip of your eyebrow, the stripe should be solid and slightly angled.Keep going across the whole eye alternating which ever colors you've chose and remember not to blend.

Go all the way across the eye to the other side and with the last stripe go from the corner of the eye to the edge of your eyebrow.

Remeber to be creative with the colors here. Pick somethings that "you" and make sure the colors dont clash too much.

Raccoon eyes

raccoon eyesThis is one of the original Gothic looks and also one of the easiest to do. It works best with a pale look or by putting white on the whole eye first.

All you need to do is fill in just your eyelid with black or a darkish color such as grey to accent your eyes. Start at the lower edge and move up the crease while filling in the eyelid. If you've used a white first then blend it in.

Nows the time to add the eyeliner. The best raccoon eye looks come from being generous with the eyliner and you might need to apply several coats along the top lash, followed by a thick line on the bottom. One thing that works great here is if you use a liquid formula in black.

Dont be affraid to experiment with filling in the eyelid to the crease with another color, But darker shade work best with this look.

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