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What are Cyber Goths?

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The simple explanation would be that the cyber style is a mixture between the Gothic and rave fashion, also some people claim there's some rivet head style mixed in there, which is a kind of military Gothic fashion. The UK and Japan are mostly a Gothic/rave mixture, were as Australia is closer to the rivet head style, although this is still classed as Cyber Goth. The US however is a complete mixture and doesn't seem to have a majority of a certain Cyber style.

The main thing to remember about the cyber culture is that it is supposed to be futuristic and this is often reflected in its style by applying things such as circuits in make-up or clothing, and accessories such as goggles and gas masks.

A Cyber Goth can easily be identified from other Gothic sub-cultures by one thing, COLOUR! Bright neon and UV clothing and accessories are a must for the cyber style. Check out some of the pictures below to get the jist.

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Cyber hair

Another defining feature of the cyber style. Often incorporating extravagant hair pieces such synthetic dread locks, cyberlox, extensions and so on. These hair pieces are made of various materials, from real hair to synthetic kankelon hair to plastic tubing, rubber and foam are also commonly used materials.


What its all about, This sub-culture probably carries the widest variety of individual uniqueness. Theme colours are very common in this style, and an outfit will often follow just one main colour throughout the hair, cloth's, foot wear and accessories.

For a more in-depth look at this check out our page on Cyber fashion

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Commonly used features in cyber fashion include such things like circuit boards on cloths or as make up, body modification, gas masks and goggles. One thing to remember is that this culture is of a very futuristic nature, and more often than not this is kept in mind when creating a set-up.


Industrial, Rave and electronic sounds are the name of the game here. Europe and Japan mainly follow the rave style, were as Australia and the US are more commonly rivet head influenced and are more to the industrial way of things. Of course this is just a generalisation and a person likes what they like. It just seems that this is the most common way to group things up.

There are simply to many bands and artists to name to list them all, and new DJ's and sounds are appearing all the time.

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