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Since the original Goth style, dozens, if not hundreds of sub-cultures have popped up in the "alternative" scene, no matter what style or category you put yourself into, your sure to find something here to help you stand out.

So many people out there dont get along with common folk, you know who im talking about, the one's that give disgusted looks when you walk past with your dread falls or "in your face" new rocks.

emo hair styles Well for all of you out there who want to give a big middle finger to those narrow minded individuals you've found the right place to help you make your statment, whatever that may be.

Coming shortly we'll be providing all kinds of make up and hair styles, fashion info and general know hows for those of you who dont wanna play the game of being the same. Whether you class yourself as a goth, an emo, a scene kid or whatever funky sub-culture you put yourself into, your sure to find something useful here to help you say a big f**k you to society.

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The whole point of the style tips on this site is to help you come up with a new, unique style thats "you". Instead of listing a million how-to's on how to create set styles the aim here is to come up with something different, something that stands out and most importantly, something that your happy with.

So please look around, enjoy and let me known if you need anything using the various submission forms around the site.

Scene Kids
Scene kids you say? arnt they the same as emo's?
Scene fashion
Scene fashion and Scene clothing ideas, whats your style?
Scene hair, different styles and how to guides
Scene hair, big and funky or short and choppy? whats your style?
Scene Haircuts
Check out our scene haircuts at Dark styles, the alternative style site.
Scene girls
Scene girls, what are they all about then hmmm?
What does Emo mean
What does Emo mean? more importantly what does it mean to the people who claim to be it?
Emo girls
Emo girls pictures and info on hair, makeup, tattoos and style.
Emo fashion
Emo fashion and style info, whats the latest look?
Emo quotes
Emo quotes from Emo people, a collection of general and sad Emo quotes for whatever purpose you wish to use them for.
Emo Poems
Emo poems, submit your Emo poetry for all to read at
Emo love poems
Emo love poems, submit your own poem for all to read.
Emo tattoos
Emo tattoos and Emo tattoo designs, wanna share yours?
Emo drawings
emo drawings and designs, submit your drawings for all to see.
Hot Emo girls
A gallery of hot Emo girls, submit your own Emo pictures and we'll put you on the site.
Emo hair styles, How to choose the right one.
After a new Emo hair styles? Well check out our guide to choosing the right one for you at Dark styles
Emo Anime
Emo anime pictures, submit your emo anime drawings.
Emo makeup
emo makeup tips and ideas for all your, erm.... emo makeup needs i guess.
Gothic eye makeup tips
Gothic eye makeup tips to help you create your own unique style.
Goth hairstyles
Goth hairstyles, ideas and pictures to help you to come up with your own unique design.
Gothic make up tips
Gothic make up tips to help you create your own unique style.
Dark gothic poetry
Dark gothic poetry, Poems of the darkest gothic nature, check them out here at Dark styles.
Cyber Goth
Cyber goth, the most colourful subculture in the world. Check out all kinds of cyber info, from hair and fashion tips to explanations and galleries.
Cyber goth fashion
Cyber goth fashion, How do i even begin to explain this one?
Cyber Goth hairstyles
A look at the different Cyber goth hairstyles
Cyber goth makeup
Cyber goth makeup ideas from Dark styles.
Cyber goth goggles
Cyber goth goggles you say? whats the deal with those then?
Dark styles blog
The dark styles blog. Whether your Emo, Scene, Goth or cyber, this blog is frequently updated helping you stay on top of whats hot.
Dark style site map
a site map for dark styles, this page contains a list of links to everypage on the site.
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What do you wanna see?

The whole point in this site is to hopefully inspire people to come up with their own unique look thats truely them, but sometimes people need information to help them do this.

So, if theres anything you would like to know, anything at all be it information on anything to do with hair, make-up, tutorials, more images of certain things, anything you like then send me a message using the contact form below stating what you would like see and i'll create a page on it just for you.

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